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Update Reffinity Settings

NOTE: The following can only be done if you are the Primary User or the System Administrator.
How to 
Update Reffinity Settings (applies in both Lightning & Classic):
  1. Click on the Reffinity tab
  2. Click on Set Up Defaults (top right corner). *Please note you may see "Reffinity Settings" if you are on a newer version. 
  3. This allows you to choose the default settings that your Reffinity reports use. You can still adjust individual report results as needed.
  4. Check or uncheck boxes as needed to adjust your defaults for what information you would like displayed in your Reffinity report:

    Under Loan Status Filters you will see the checkboxes for:
  • Pipeline Loan Statuses
  • Closed Loan Loan Statuses

    Click Contact Stage Filters to reveal the checkboxes for:
  • Pipeline Contact Stages

    Click Loans Fields to reveal the checkboxes for:
  • Pipeline Loans Fields
  • Closed Loans Transaction Fields

    Click Contact Fields to reveal the checkboxes for:
  • Pipeline Contact Fields
  • Closed Loan Contact Fields
  • The options that say “Filters” are the default settings filtering results in or out of your Reffinity report.
  • The options that say “Fields” are the default fields displayed in your Reffinity report.
  • The maximum number of fields in the results cannot exceed 10. This is because the more results you add, the wider the email to your referral partner will be. Narrowing the results allows your referral partner to receive a concise update.
  • When you change default settings, the changes apply to all reports created after; they are not retroactive so you will need to cancel and reschedule any currently running reports if you want them to mirror the updated settings.

Watch the video below to learn how to change the default settings in the Reffinity report:

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