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Clone an Email Template

Sometimes the easiest way to create your own email template is to clone an existing one. Whether you are cloning Blank Letterhead for its general layout and merge fields or another template that has similar wording to what you are looking for (maybe the Needs List?), cloning a template is a quick and easy way to make an email template you can re-use whenever you need it.

How to Clone an Email Template
  1. Click on Email Templates in the Custom Links section of the Home page sidebar (in Classic) or the bottom utility bar (in Lightning).
  2. Click on the template you wish to clone
  3. Click the Clone button
  4. Choose a folder for your new template
  5. Make sure to check the box Available for Use
  6. Erase the name and unique name. Type the name of your new template and click to the unique name to generate it.
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Edit HTML Version to make changes to your new template (don't forget to save them!)
Watch the video below to learn how to clone an email template:

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