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Introduction to Mortgage Reviews by Mortgage Coach

Congratulations on your decision to combine Jungo with Mortgage Coach's Mortgage Reviews!

This integration has been immensely popular with Jungo/Mortgage Coach users as they have found that sending information from their CRM into their Mortgage Coach account makes report creation and sending much faster!
What does it do?
Reduce Double Data Entry
Take the data that you maintain in your CRM and push it right to Mortgage Coach so you can generate your powerful, interactive presentations even faster!
Make your Mortgage Review Process Faster
Since you do not have to enter information into your CRM and into Mortgage Coach, you can quickly jump through the steps of your Mortgage Review and simply fill in the remaining details for your report.
Quick Send the Mortgage Review to Your Clients
With the click of a checkbox you can send a link to the completed review to your clients right from your CRM.
So what are you waiting for? If you are already a Mortgage Coach subscriber, let’s get started!

Watch the video below to get an introduction to the Jungo to Mortgage Coach Integration:


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