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Jungo to Mortgage Reviews by Mortgage Coach - Scenario 2 - Total Cost Analysis

*NOTE: Your Loans tab may be named "Transactions / Properties" or "Opportunities" if you are a Jungo Lender App client or Jungo enterprise client

Scenario 2: from the Loan page
  • Example: You have a brand new lead, who is looking to purchase a home and you have a little more information about the lead.
  • Enter the following fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Referred By
    • Phone, Mobile Phone, Home Phone
    • Email
    • Mailing address
  • If the lead has a co-borrower:
    • Enter the Co Borrower First Name, Last Name, Mobile and Email
    • Then create a Transaction / Property for the lead and enter the following info:
    • Transaction / Property Name: Ex: “John Smith - Purchase 2013”
    • Loan Purpose
    • Purchase Price
    • Down Payment
    • Property Address, City, State, Postal Code
    • Present Vs. Proposed Expenses Section (as many fields as you like)
      • [For this scenario, keep the 1st and 2nd loan info blank]
    • Click on “Generate Mortgage Review TCA Presentation” or, for renters click “Generate Mortgage Review Rent Vs. Own Presentation.”
    • Complete your Mortgage Review Presentation in Mortgage Coach, and then refresh your Jungo Contact page.
    • Your Mortgage Review Presentation link will appear: email it by clicking on the “Send Mortgage Review Presentation” checkbox.
Watch the video below to learn about Jungo to Mortgage Reviews by Mortgage Coach Scenario 2: Total Cost Analysis:


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