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What is Reffinity?

Your relationships are valuable. Show it. 

Your relationships are critical to your success. You know that. We listened and created a way to demonstrate just that.

Enter Reffinity – a critical function in Jungo. Now you can stay in touch with referral partners and evaluate the performance of your relationships.

Reffinity Tells You Which Relationships are High-Payoff Activities
·       Number of referrals received
·       Number of referrals deep received
·       Total number of loans closed in volume / units

Reffinity Sends Automated Updates to Referral Partners
·       Send automated "Thank You for the Referral" emails
·       Schedule customized reports for individual referral partners
·       Manage default settings on automated reports across the board

So what does that look like in your CRM and your Day-to-Day?

Layout of the Reffinity Tab

·      Track: pulls a report on the referral partner you wish to see
·      Total Referrals Received: tracks the number of direct referrals you’ve gotten from your partner
·      Totally Referrals Deep Received: tracks the referrals given by the referrals of this partner
·      Active Pipeline: a list off all active loans connected to the referral partner
  •       You can email this report to yourself, the referral partner, or schedule that report to go out automatically
·      Closed Loans: a list of all loans previously closed that are connect the that referral partner.

Day-to-Day Tips to Keep Reffinity Accurate:

·      Stage: make sure the stage on the contact page reflects the same stage on their loan page
·      Last Touch: whenever you log an interaction in your notes, update Last Touch as well to keep your referral partner up-to-date on your last interaction with clients

Watch the video below for an introduction to Reffinity in the Lightning Experience:

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