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Automate Pipeline Reports to Your Referral Partners

Reffinity pipeline reports can easily be scheduled to automatically send updates to your referral partners on a weekly basis.  

Automate Pipeline Reports to Your Referral Partners (applies in Lightning & Classic)

First, generate a Reffinity Report
  1. Click the Reffinity tab
  2. Fill out the name of your referral partner in the Referred By field
    • Also fill in the agent fields if you would like to see what this partner has worked with you in addition to what they have directly referred to you. If you use the agent field, be sure to change the operator dropdowns as well.
  3. Press Track
Then, schedule the Reffinity Report to send automatically
  1. Click Schedule Report
  2. Make sure the correct referral partner is in Referred By and/or other fields.
  3. Job Name: name the report, i.e. Joan Black pipeline
  4. Job Ends On: date you want the report to stop. If you want it to go out for a very long time, set it several years in the future.
  5. Runs Every: choose the weekday you would like your referral partner to regularly receive their report.

Watch the video in Classic below to learn how to automate your pipeline reports using Reffinity:

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