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Create or Edit an Activity View

The CRM has many options for viewing your Task list. You can see all of your tasks directly on your Home page.
To view your Task list for today:
  1. Click on the Home tab.
  2. Change the pull down menu on the right to Today and Overdue.
  3. Click the View More link at the bottom of that list to view more Tasks.
-  We recommend keeping your home page task view at Today and Overdue or Next 7 Days and Overdue.
For a more detailed view of your Task list:
  1. Click on the Home tab.
  2. Click on the shortcut to the Calendar in the side bar on the left.
  3. Click the Activity List View button at the top.
  4. Change the View pull down menu at the top to see a different set of Tasks.
    -  If needed, you can also click the Edit link next to the pull down menu to change the current view or click the Create New View link to create a new view.
To Create a New Activity View

First follow the directions "For a more detailed view of your Task list."
  1. Click on the Create New View link next to the pull down menu.
  2. Enter a View Name
    - Example: “Call Tasks Today”
  3. In Step 2, specify the Filter Criteria for this Activity View.
    - Example:
    Select Subject in the Field pull down menu.
    Choose Contains in the Operator pull down menu.
    Enter the phrase you wish to filter by into the Value box, such as “Call”.
    - Note: You may want to repeat the filter process for other things like due date, status, etc.
  4. In Step 3, add the fields you want to see in this Activity View.
  5. In Step 4, select who you want to be able to see this view.
  6. Click the Save button.
Watch the video below to learn how to create an activity view:

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