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Create or Edit a Loan View

*NOTE: Your Loans tab may be named "Transactions / Properties" or "Opportunities" if you are a Jungo Lender App client or Jungo enterprise client.

To view an entire list of Loans in Classic:
  1. Click on the Loans tab.
  2. Select the desired list from the View pull down menu
    • It will always default to show you Recently Viewed Loans
    • ​​Click the Go button if the desired view is already selected.
  3. You can scroll through this list using the Next and Previous links on the bottom. 

To create a New View:
  1. Click on the Loans tab.
  2. Click on the Create New View link next to the pull down menu.
  3. Enter a View Name
    • Example: “Loans Closing This Month”
  4. In Step 2, specify the Filter Criteria for this Loan View.
    • Example:
    • Select Closing Date in the Field pull down menu.
    • Choose Equals in the Operator pull down menu.
    • Enter filter criteria value, such as “This Month”.
  5. In Step 3, Add the fields you want to see in this Loan View.
  6. In Step 4, select who you want to be able to see this view.
  7. Click the Save button.
Watch the video below to learn how to create a Loan view in Classic:

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