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Create a Workflow for a Checkbox

You can trigger workflows from checkboxes. Begin by writing down all the tasks and emails you want to have automated as part of your workflow. You should create any email templates needed that will be sent out as part of your workflow. Then follow these steps below:

*Please Note: You must by the System Administrator to create or edit workflows*
*Your Loans tab may be named "Transactions/Properties" or "Opportunities" if you are a Jungo Lender App client or Jungo enterprise client.*

Part 1
First, you will need to create a new workflow for each portion of your process:
NOTE: For this example, we will create a workflow for the Clear to Close checkbox is used.
  • Click on Your Name (in Classic) or the Gear Icon (in Lightning) in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Setup.
  • Click on Create on the left under App Setup.
  • In the left search bar, type "workflow"
  • Select Workflow Rules
    • TIP: Click the Continue button if the Understanding Workflows page shows up.
  • Click on the New Rule button.
  • Choose Loan from the Select Object pull down menu.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Enter the Rule Name for your new workflow; example: Clear to Close Update.
  • In the first Field pull down menu under Rule Criteria, select Clear to Close.
  • In the Operator pull down menu, select Equals.
  • In the Value field, type TRUE.
    With checkboxes, true means the box is checked and false means the box is unchecked. Most checkboxes are unchecked by default, so "TRUE" usually makes the most sense.
  • Click the Save & Next button.

Part 2
Once you have started the new workflow, you will need to add workflow actions and time triggers to schedule your tasks to be created and emails to be sent out.
To add a New Task to your workflow:
  • Click on the Add Workflow Action button.
  • Select New Task.
  • Enter the name of the user who will be responsible for this task into the Assigned To box.
  • Enter the Subject of the task for what you want displayed on your task list.
  • Enter the Due Date for the task.
  • Choose Rule Trigger Date plus X number of days after the workflow is triggered.
  • You can adjust the Status or Priority if needed.
  • Click the Save button.
To add an Email to your workflow:
  • Click on the Add Workflow Action button.
  • Select New Email Alert.
  • Enter the name of the name of the email alert in the Description box.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the Email Template box.
  • Click on the Name of the desired Email Template.
  • In the Recipient Type Search box, select Email Field.
  • Add the desired email fields to the Selected Recipients box on the right.
  • Click the Save button.
To add a Time Trigger to your workflow:
  • Click on the Add Time Trigger button.
  • Enter the time frame for this Time Trigger (example: 7 days after rule trigger date).
  • Click the Save button.
  • Now you can add Tasks and Emails to this Time Trigger.

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