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How to Map and Import from your LOS

* The following instructions apply to System Administrators only *

NOTE: The Salesforce wizard has been updated as of February 2017 and the following instructions may not apply depending on what version of Salesforce you are currently operating. If your import wizard gives you an "Insufficient Privileges" error, you will want to use these instructions to complete your Contact import, and these instructions for your Transaction/Property import.

These instructions apply to single user accounts only. There are some slight changes when importing for multiple users. Please consult a support representative if you have questions about what those changes are.

PART 1: Export your data into Excel
  • Save and open the excel map provided to you by Jungo Support.
  • Open your LOS and export to Excel
  • Open the excel file, "your data".

PART 2: Map your data
  • For this step, you will have two Excel sheets:
    - Your Data: the Excel sheet that you exported during part 1
    - MAP: the Excel sheet is a map provided to you by Jungo (If you do not yet have a map, please contact Jungo Support).
  • Open your custom map
    - We usually save this file on your Desktop or in a folder on your Desktop.
  • Select the data on your exported excel sheet
    - Don’t select the header labels or any extra column.
    - Start at the top left of your page, click on the first cell of data (the cursor will look like a white plus sign), hold the click, and drag all the way to the bottom and to the right of your data.
  • Once you have made your selection, right click on the selected area and press copy.
  • Paste on to your map
    - There is a yellow box on your map. Right click and paste into that field. It will fill out your map.
  • Make sure all the data on your sheet is lined up.
    - Select only one row of cells above the blank left columns.
    - Take your cursor to the bottom right corner of the small selection you just made.
    - When your cursor turns to a black plus sign, double click.
  • Save your mapped data
    - Click “File” and “Save As.” (Don’t do a regular save!)
  • Rename your file (i.e. Jungo Import 10-31-13).
  • Change the file type from an “Excel Workbook” to “CSV (comma delimited)”
PART 3: Import your Contacts:
  • First, copy and paste your data in the excel map provided by Jungo per Part 2 above. Don’t forget to Save the excel list as a CSV file!
  • To import your contacts, click on "Import Contacts" on the Home Page, on the left side of the screen, in the "Custom Links" Box.
  • Click Import Accounts/Contacts in the Yellow box where it says "Note to Administrator" and then click
    "5. Start the import wizard" to begin your import.
  •  Follow the steps outlined by the import wizard:
  • Step 1: NEXT
  • Step 2: Browse for your CSV file, click NEXT.  
  • Then you only need to click NEXT, NEXT, NEXT and IMPORT NOW
  • Click the link on the right that says, "What import files are pending"
  • Refresh your browser to make sure the status says "Completed"
PART 4: Import Transactions:
  • Save your excel file as a CSV file.
  • Click on "Import Transaction/Properties" on the Home Page, on the left side of the screen, in the "Custom Links" Box.
  • Click 6. Start the Import Wizard to begin your import.
  • Step 1: Select "Transaction / Property". Click NEXT
  • Step 2: Choose Yes - And Select: Update existing records and insert new records (last radio button)  Click Next.
  • Step 3: Select “Name” for multi-user import. Select “None” for single user import. Skip the first checkbox. Check the rest. Click Next.
  • Step 4: Click Next
  • Browse for your Excel/CSV file.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next, then OK, then Import Now!
Watch the video below to learn how to map and import from your LOS into your CRM:


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