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Intermediate Training

Here at Jungo, your success is our success. We want you to utilize your CRM to its maximum potential and in the ways that will best benefit your business. Keep in mind that the 4 Basic Features (Contacts, Tasks, Emails, and Marketing) are the heart of the CRM and if those are the only features you utilize, then you are really managing your client relationships and getting your money's worth. For our most enthusiastic users, we have a comprehensive, step-by-step program to get you from a new, wide-eyed user to a master of CRM features. It will take you through all of the features in your CRM so you can decide which pieces are integral to your process.

Before you jump in, here are a few more success tips that our power users have proven time and again:

1) Log in every day. Building the habit of simply checking into your CRM every day makes all the difference in your success because when you log in, you will immediately see your pending tasks and be reminded of what actions to take. Suddenly you are working in your CRM making calls, closing tasks, and setting reminders, the cornerstone of client relationship management!

2) Practice what you learn as you watch the videos. That's the beauty of a video - you can pause it to walk through each step and rewind if you need to see or hear something again. Since everyone learns in their own way, we have made this process as approachable as possible: you can read instructions, watch the video, and follow along in your CRM.

3) Work from basic features to advanced. It is tempting to jump right to those gorgeous workflows with their fancy automation but if you have the fundamental understanding of the other pieces of the CRM, you will find that the more intermediate and advanced features come more easily when you add them like building blocks to a strong foundation.

Without further delay, welcome to the Intermediate Training Module. Happy learning!
























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