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Introduction to The Leads App

NOTE: This feature is only available to subscribers to Jungo's Leads App.

The Leads App allows you to receive your Zillow, Lending Tree, Informa, Lead Mailbox, and Trulia leads directly in Jungo. 
The leads will be on a tab called “JungoLeads”. The JungoLeads page is similar to the contact page, but much shorter.
As the administrator, you may elect to setup distribution rules to pre-define how leads are distributed among users or user queues. 
Optionally, you can setup workflows and automations; loan officers can be alerted and get an email and/or task to call the lead immediately. The lead can receive an automated email instantly from the loan officer and/or can receive a series of emails.
You will be able to nurture leads until they are ready to be converted to contact records in Jungo. 

All of the Salesforce reports and dashboards functionality is available with JungoLeads. 

If you are interested in subscribing to this feature and would like to learn more, please contact our sales team at 619-727-4600 x 1 or click here.

Watch the video below for an overview of The Leads App features and benefits:

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