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Invite Multiple Users On An Event

Classic Only

To add multiple users to an event, follow these steps: 

-Create or Edit an Event (This can be done either from the homepage, within the Calendar section, and clicking on the ‘New Event’ button. Or, within the blue side panel on the left, click on the ‘Create New’ button, and in the dropdown select ‘New Event’)

-Scroll to the bottom for the section that says ‘Invite Others’. Click on ‘Add Invitees’ button.

-A pop-up will appear, search within ‘Users’ in the dropdown. Click the ‘Go’ button.

-You will see additional user names appear, check the checkbox next to the names you want to add. Then, click on ‘Insert Selected’ to add them to the event.

-Click either ‘Save and Send Update’ (will send an email to all invitees), or ‘Save’ (will save the event on all calendars without sending invite). 

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