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Using the Data Import Wizard to Import Contacts

* The following instructions apply to System Administrators only *

Before you import: 
- In order to import your contacts, you will first need to have them formatted by Support. Submit your spreadsheet in CSV or Excel format on the web form with the subject line "Database to Format." Feel free to include any other identifying information in the 'Message' box, such as "These are all closed clients" or "This is a list of realtors."
- The instructions below apply to single user accounts only for a one-time import. There are some slight changes when importing for multiple users, mostly that your spreadsheet must be formatted for that scenario. Please consult a support representative if you have questions regarding this.

Import your Contacts:
  1. To import your contacts click on the "Contacts" tab (If operating in Classic, click on "Data Import Wizard" on the left of the page under Custom Links)
  2. Click the  Import button on the top right corner
  3. Scroll down, and click the dark green button that says "Launch Wizard".
  4. Select: Accounts and Contacts
  5. Select: Add new and update existing records
    • Match Contacts by and Match Accounts by will auto-populate. Do not change these.
    •  Do not check "Update existing Account information" checkbox
    •  Leave "Which Contact field in your file do you want to match against to set the Contact: Referred By lookup field?" BLANK
    • Leave "Which Contact field in your file do you want to match against to set the Contact: Realtor (for Co-Marketing) lookup field?" BLANK
  6. Click and drag your CSV file to upload or click on CSV to browse your computer for your file.
  7. Click Next To edit any mappings or to map custom fields click Change next to each field
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Start Import

The admin will receive an email when the import completes with the results. Any record errors will be attached to the email in a CSV file.

PLEASE NOTE: If your import contains contacts and transactions from your LOS, please refer to Steps 3 and 4 from this article on how to map and import from your LOS:

​Watch the video below for information how to import contacts:

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