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How to Create a Contact - Lightning

When you meet a potential client or business partner, you will want to enter their contact information into the Jungo right away. This will help you to manage and track your communications with that Contact.

To Create a New Contact in Lightning:
  1. Click on the Down Arrow on the contacts tab
  2. Select +New Contact from the drop down list
  3. Choose either Client or Business Contact from the record type list
    • The Record Type determines what fields are going to display on the next page
  4. Click the Next button
  5. Enter in as much contact information as you have available
    • Make sure to fill out all required fields. Required fields will have a red * next to it.
    • For Account Name, use Database for Clients and for your Business Contacts, use Realtor Database or Business Database
    • For Group, if you need to select multiple groups, hold the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key while selecting the groups
  6. Click the Save button
Watch the video below to learn how to create a contact:

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