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Introduction to Email Templates

Below is all the information on your email template folders and their content so that you know how to quickly navigate these folders when sending an email, so let’s get started!
Unfiled Public Templates
These templates come with Salesforce. They are standard, generic, and most will not apply to the mortgage industry. They are “unfiled” because they aren’t in any specific folder and are a random assortment of templates.
Automated Emails During the Loan Process
This folder houses all of the templates that go out from the Loan Process Checklist located on your Loans or Transaction/ Properties tab. Depending on your process, these are generally automated.
Birthday Emails
There are many birthday email templates to choose from. There are borrower-specific templates, and templates specific to co-borrowers. In your Jungo birthday workflows, the borrower birthday templates pull in borrower fields on the contact page and respectively, the co-borrower templates pull in co-borrower fields.
Corporate Benefits Template
These are for when you are trying to foster a relationship with an entire company as their mortgage consultant.
Holiday Series
Much like the title implies, these are the holiday emails. Each holiday has a few different versions to choose from so you can pick your favorites.
Mortgage Email Template
This is, by far, the most utilized folder as it contains all of your mortgage related templates (Example: surveys, needs lists, and the blank letterhead). The blank letter head is what you should be using to send any quick updates or one-off emails from the system. It is pre-branded, and has merge fields for the recipient’s name in the greeting. There are about 35-40 templates in that folder for your use.
Other Templates
A mixed bag of useful templates. There is a “Thank you for your Referral”, and also some Mortgage Coach items if you utilize Mortgage Coach.
Social Media
Hosts 4 templates: one blog invitation and three invitations for your contacts to follow you on popular social media sites (e.g.: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin).
Thank You
A couple of templates for quick Thank You’s to transaction partners and borrowers.
Campaign Folders
These hold all of the different template versions of each drip marketing campaign. Keep in mind that the “V” stands for version, and the number (e.g. Email 1) is the corresponding email in the series. V1 Email 01 has the same content as V2 Email 01, but will feature a different layout, or color scheme.

Watch the video below to get an Introduction to Email Templates in LIGHTNING:


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