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Using Jungo's Floify Integration & FAQs

Using Jungo's Floify* Integration - FAQ
To get started with using Floify in Jungo, you will need to send your Floify API Key to Jungo Support. Open a case by clicking on the green “Email Us” link on the right. Copy the API Key from Floify, add it to the message of the case, along with you Jungo Login information, and send it over to us!
1. Where do I find my Floify API Key?
  • Log into your Floify Account
  • Click your email address in the top right corner
  • Copy your "API Key" and send to Jungo Support

2. Why is my "Open Loan in Floify" button not working?
  • Make sure the API key is accurate AND saved in the visual force page preview.
  • Does the contact being used for the DocsBar record (AKA Borrower Name) have a VALID email address?
  • Does the contact being used for the DocsBar (AKA Borrower Name) already exist in Floify?
  • If they already exist, you will need to add the "Floify Loan ID" to the DocsBar page for them, otherwise it is flagging this contact as a duplicate.
3. Where do I find the Floify Loan ID?
  • Log into your Floify Account
  • Open up the Pipeline view
  • Hover over the # symbol next to the Borrower Name
  • You can open the individual Floify Loan by clicking an arrow on the right hand side, the Floify Loan ID should be nice and big for you to copy from here, it’s just an extra click if you don’t want to memorize the series of number from Floify to Jungo.

Watch a video on the Floifiy Integration in LIGHTNING here:

Watch a video on the Floify Integration in CLASSIC here:

* Floify is not included. You must be a current subscriber to both Jungo and Floify to use this feature.

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