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Create or Edit an Event

An event is a meeting on your calendar. Events can be created from multiple places throughout the CRM. Lightning: To create an Event from the Home page: Click View Calendar on the right. Click New Even...

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Change Calendar View

Classic Only About the Home Page The Home Tab displays your tasks at the top and your calendar in the middle. We recommend keeping your home tab view on "Today + Overdue" or "Next 7 Days + Overdue" so that...

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Calendar Sharing

You can control who can see and edit the events on your calendar. Lightning: To change your Calendar Sharing settings: Click on View Calendar from the home page. Click on the gear icon next to Other Calen...

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Invite Multiple Users On An Event

Classic Only To add multiple users to an event, follow these steps: -Create or Edit an Event (This can be done either from the homepage, within the Calendar section, and clicking on the ‘New Event’ button. O...

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