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Mail Merge

Enable Mail Merge Feature

NOTE: Requests for Mail Merge Feature Activation must be submitted by the System Administrator. How to Enable the Mail Merge Feature (applies in both Lightning & Classic): Note: Your Mail Merge feature may...

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Create and Upload A Mail Merge Document

The CRM already has templates created for Mailing Labels 5160, Envelopes Size 10, and a Pre-Approval Letter. You can also create new documents to use in the single and mass Mail Merges. To upload a new Mail Me...

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Generate Single Mail Merge Document

You can generate Mail Merge documents within the CRM for a single person or for a group of people. To generate a single Mail Merge document from a Contact’s record (currently only available in Classic): Ho...

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Create a Mail Merge View and Generate Mass Mail Merge

With Extended Mail Merge, you can easily generate Mail Merge documents, such as form letters with matching envelopes and address labels, for multiple records at the same time. NOTE: You must enable the Mass Ma...

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