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What is Reffinity?

Your relationships are valuable. Show it. Your relationships are critical to your success. You know that. We listened and created a way to demonstrate just that. Enter Reffinity – a critical function in Jung...

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Give a Referral from the CRM

* Completing this item will send the contact information of one contact to another * To Give a Referral in Jungo (applies in both Lightning & Classic): Click on the Contact you wish to refer to another...

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Generate Pipeline Reports to your Referral Partners

Reffinity is a tool used to update your referral partners with automatic pipeline status emails. These can be scheduled on an automated, weekly basis so that your referral partners are receiving regular updates...

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Automate Pipeline Reports to Your Referral Partners

Reffinity pipeline reports can easily be scheduled to automatically send updates to your referral partners on a weekly basis. Automate Pipeline Reports to Your Referral Partners (applies in Lightning & C...

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Update Reffinity Settings

NOTE: The following can only be done if you are the Primary User or the System Administrator. How to Update Reffinity Settings (applies in both Lightning & Classic): Click on the Reffinity tab Click...

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Modify Referral Picklist

The Referral Partner Type on the referral page is customizable; you can add, remove, or edit the options. NOTE: The following can only be done by System Administrators. Lightning To change the Referral Partne...

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All About Referrals

Jungo makes it very easy to track your referrals; both ones you receive and the referrals you send to your business partners. The referrals that you received are easily tracked each time you enter a new lead i...

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Referral Partner Intro Template

NOTE: This is an advanced endeavor in the CRM as it combines the knowledge of several different features. The purpose of this email template is to introduce yourself and the services you offer to your referral...

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Reffinity Troubleshooting

Reffinity Troubleshooting (Classic & Lightning) If you are missing contact records or transaction information from your Reffinity reports, it is most likely because the record doesn't meet the Reffinity re...

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