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Training Series

Must Watch Training Videos

Where do I start? What if I just want a refresher? What topics do you train on the most? These are just a few frequently asked questions from some of our users. As an answer to all of them, here are the most re...

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Most Popular Training Videos

Our users have become big fans of our training videos and live training webinars. What's not to love about a training resource available 24/7? You can learn at your own pace, pause the video as you follow along...

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Intro to the CRM Series

Intro to the CRM covers basic to intermediate topics along with our best practice recommendations. This series includes personal info, the 4 basic features, creating a transaction, email templates, mass emails,...

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Utilize the CRM Series

Utilize the CRM covers intermediate to advanced topics in the CRM along with our best practice recommendations. This series includes marketing campaigns, co-branding, reports, dashboards, workflows, and tasks f...

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Daily Habits of a Power User

So what's a day in the CRM? The following videos outline the kind of habits that have made everyone from basic users to power users successful. Watch the videos below and implement what works for you and your t...

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More Best Practices

Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users Maintaining an Organized Your CRM ​ ​Overview of MPC & Common MPC Terms Modify your CRM - Group, Stage, Status, etc

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From Lead to Closing

Looking for the 30,000 foot perspective? Watch the videos below to see how to get your clients from lead to close. Tasks, marketing campaigns, and workflows are all available to help you streamline your loan pr...

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The 4 Basic Features

The 4 Basics are the features you will use daily in your CRM. These include: - Contacts - Tasks - Emails - Marketing Campaigns Watch the video below for a full walk-through of how to use the 4 Basic Features:

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Manage Tasks

Watch the video below to learn how to manage tasks in your CRM: Manage Tasks from MPC on Vimeo.

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